Lena Rewell Textile Studio


The company´s history goes back to the early 60´s when the fresh Ateneum Art School graduate Lena Rewell founded the company. Already during her studies she had started to create lovely woolen designs, which she sold. Her life as the designer and entrepreneur had taken off right away after her graduation and since then the name Lena Rewell has become well-known in particular for the luxurious and colorful handmade mohair blankets she designs. 

Lena Rewell came from a family in the textiles. Her father was a textile engineer and her brother a textile professor, both made their careers in the textile business. The family also ran a yarn manufactory between 1960-1973 and one could say she got the atmosphere of the creative world of wool and all its aspects to the final product from home. 

For many years Lena Rewell had her home in the same building in downtown Helsinki were her weaving mill was in the basement and her well-known shop for her design products round the corner. This was a practical arrangement when her three children were small and she was able to continue her work close to the home. 

Lena Rewell also has designed other textile products for bigger firms and has been rewarded for her work. 

In 2017, after over a half century of active work within the company Lena Rewell decided to withdraw from the everyday business and to let the responsibility go further to the next generation, to her daughter Dita Eklund (née Rewell). Lena Rewell will continue as the head designer. She will now be able to enjoy a well-earned time of a pensioner, concentrating on the work she loves most, designing. Knowing the running of the business is in good hands as Dita is committed to continue her mother´s work, which she has grown up with and knows most of, next to Lena. 


All of our products are handmade in Finland.